Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My first post. Rasberries and Water

I don't know how many of you have ever  had a dried raspberry before. If you haven't there is something special about them. The flavor is tart and you can really taste it. It leaves you wanting more. There is no question about what it is. I was thinking that we Christians should be the same way. When someone meets us, we want them to see Christ in us. We pray that people will notice that we are different. A part of this world but not of it. We hope they yearn to know more about Jesus. We need Jesus to shine through every aspect of our life. Jesus wants us to be a light in the world, different then everyone else. NOT lukewarm. No one wants to drink something that is lukewarm. Though it may be hard to not conform to the world's thoughts about different issues it is important we stay grounded. When we start to water down our morals and what God says into the world's ideas we become like lukewarm water. Nothing different and nothing special. We have to remember that we as Christians are called to serve God alone and that He is the one that will always be there. Others may pass away but He will never. I hope this made some sense :) God loves you <3

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